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Re-defining Nylon Filament Yarn Quality Standards

Century Enka Limited (CEL) has emerged as a leading Nylon Filament Yarn manufacturer in India with commitment to modern technology to manufacture high standard quality Nylon Filament Yarn. CEL has set a mission to re-define Nylon Quality Standards in Indian Market.

In pursuit of the above goal, CEL has introduced for the first time in India Nylon Flat Yarn on paper tube packages, produced from latest generation Draw-Winder machines.
This provides flexibility to supply unit package weight of upto 8 kg, which is ideally suitable for high speed processing machines (TFOs) at customer's end. Apart from package weight, Draw-winder products of CEL are superior in terms of Yarn characteristics, viz. Unwinding performance, runnability & Improved Tenacity as compared to Cops and FDY (Spin-Draw) HOY products.

Draw Warper Jumbo Beams Draw Warper Jumbo Beams. are introduced first time in India by CEL to cater manufacturing of premium fabrics made from Zero Twist Sized Warp Yarns. These products are being produced on world class superior Hi-Tech German Make Draw Warping Machines.
This modern technology, which had been available only in the international market, has now been available to the domestic consumers. It will open up new opportunities for growth in nylon Industry, in terms of volumes as well as new quality fabric creations.

We, once again re-affirm our commitment towards our core values of quality, innovation & fair Business Practices for complete customer satisfaction.

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