Processed Yarns Nylon Filament Yarn
Setting new POY Standards for high speed processing

POY produced at Rajashree Polyfil has now become synonymous with high quality POY products being produced to meet the need of new generation 'High-Speed' machines. A wide range of POY products are available for Draw Texturising as well as Air Texturising, Draw Twisting and Draw Warping applications.

Draw Texturising Air-Texturising
100/36 SD POY
80/48 SD POY
110/36 SD POY
115/72 SD POY
115/36 SD POY
80/36 BSPK POY
115/96 SD POY
120/36 BSPK POY
130/72 SD POY
235/36 BSPK POY
140/36 SD POY
245/36 BSPK POY
140/48 SD POY
245/72 BSPK POY
245/36 SD POY
160/36 Super Bright
265/36 SD POY
265/96 SD POY  
BSPK - Bright Trilobal                BRT - Bright Circular
SD - Semi Dull Circular              FD - Full Dull Circular
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