POY Nylon Filament Yarn
Unmatched yarn quality for high value fabrics
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CEL supplies yarn on Jumbo beams for Sizing with quality unmatched in terms of runnability, superior and uniform fabric dyeing. CEL Jumbo Beams have become the first choice for all Sizers and Quality Fabric manufacturers:

Bright Semi Dull
50/36 BSPK
50/48 SD
75/36 BSPK 80/96 SD

70/72 SD
  72/36 SD
Cationic Dyeable Full Dull
50/36 BSPK CD
50/36 FD
60/72 SD CD 50/48 FD
75/36 BSPK CD
60/72 FD

The entire product mix for sizing is also available for weaving on Cops/Paper tubes. The range of speciality Bi-shrinkage/Bi-component yarns, NSY (for Non Sized Direct Warp) & Interlaced Textured yarns has been developed for high quality fabrics with distinct feel and effect.

Bi-Shrinkage / Bi-Componenet
Textured NSY
40/36 BSPK CD
80/36 SD Tx. Interlaced
60/96 SD
60/72 BSPK CD
150/36 SD SD Tx. Interlaced 70/72 SD
60/96 SD
32/14 SD Dope Dyed (Black)  
100/96 SD
100/72 BSPK CD
130/96 SD
140/144 SD    
50 Denier Nylon/Cationic Polyester

Keeping in perspective the critical requirements of Knitting industry in terms of Equal Length Packages, Superior Running Performance & Uniform Dyeing; CEL is offering range of products.

50/36 BSPK
50/48 SD
75/36 BSPK
150/36 BSPK
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